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{Read in a the deepest, gravest, voice you can muster}

They’re calling it the “Storm of the Century.

A massive front originating from the deepest trenches of the southern Pacific is heading straight for little TaTa and I. She doesn’t quite understand what’s coming, the poor thing; only that our daily walk was unusually early and rather windy.  I dare not tell her the truth. That a storm so powerfully fierce that it commands the unrelenting attention of all major news channels, shall slam into San Diego this evening. It’s ferocity will be matched only by the sheer terror it is currently invoking throughout our fair city. TaTa and I can only pray that our tiny shack here on 32nd Street in Normal Heights holds out.

But even if it does and by some miracle we survive this beast-storm;  then we must begin the inevitable rebuilding process. What will happen to my favorite shops? Will Adams Avenue Bookstore Survive? What of  TaTa’s favorite Dog Food Store, Pet Me Please? What about Dark Horse Coffee Roasters?  Where will I get my Coffee if Lestats and Dark Horse both succumb to the fury of this nightmare storm?!!

Know this you Damnable Storm from Hell!   WE WILL REBUILD!

We denizens of the Heights will never succumb to you!  We will never accept the swill that other, lesser,neighborhoods dare call coffee!  NEVER!!!


All we can do now is wait.  I would like to take a moment to remember this fine neighborhood as it once was: beautiful and unique.  It is probably best that I share some photos from around the Heights. The fantastical plants and shrubberies that once grew here may soon be no more… Here are some of our favorites for posterity’s sake….













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