About this blog

Neon Blue sign over Adams Avenue spells Normal Heights.

Adams Avenue Art

This Blog is the continuation of several other blogs including Not the Water Report, a hiking journal by Justin Arn.

My purpose in writing the Normal Heights blog is varied. Firstly, it serves to provide factual and credible information about the businesses and happenings  in the community of Normal Heights. A historic section of San Diego, Normal Heights is  particularly quaint, spiritually unique, and is interesting in many ways. Most particularly, I write about it because it’s where I live. 

Second, the Normal Heights blog serves as a diary for myself, its author, the Normal Heights Blogger. As a journal of sorts I use it to expound upon my thoughts, the community and businesses of Normal Heights, and other things of general interest. Thus, when one post dithers on about the less sublte differences between the lattes I get from Lestat’s and those I get from Dark Horse Coffee Roasters, and the next examines the decline of youthful idealism in our new post-truth world, please don’t be surprised. 


Stylisitic neon stop sign with Adams Avenue street sign above it.

Finally, the Normal Heights Blog references many places and businesses through out the Normal Heights community. This serves to contribute to a creating a “digitally linked geophysical community.”  Normal Heights is an amazing area and could benefit from a more targeted effort at linking its businesses to its community in the digital sense. This blog seeks to help in that effort by acting the part of a sort of “digital glue.”

This blog is the product of Justin Arn and Arn EnterPrizes.

Arn-Enterprizes Logo with wreath invites you be kind
Arn EnterPrizes


No money has been or will be accepted for business endorsements.

I hope you enjoy the images, stories, and content contained within.



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